Beginner’s example with CLI

This will guide you through the steps to create a script that can be used to process sample data. The generated example script scan then be used as a guideline to analyze your own data.

1. Open MATLAB and setup path

Open MATLAB, then go to qMRLab installation folder (note: replace “PATH_QMRLAB” with the actual path)


Setup your path (note: you only need to do it once)


2. Generate a batch example

To get familiar with the command-line usage, you can automatically generate an example (with sample data) for your model of choice. For example, for inversion_recovery type:

model=inversion_recovery; % create an instance of the model

When prompted, select the folder where you want to download the data and save the batch example file.

3. Run the batch

You can run the example directly:


or take a look at the sections independently:

edit inversion_recovery_batch

Please refer to inversion_recovery: Compute a T1 map using Inversion Recovery data to see a batch example and the expected output.

Please refer to Command-Line Usage for a more detailed description of the available functions